You Cannot Fool Nature


Today 28 January 2016 is the 30th anniversary of the Challenger disaster. This event shocked the world and shook NASA out of its complacency. A commission was formed to investigate. Surprisingly there was only one scientist on the commission, Richard Feynman. He filed a minority report which was nearly suppressed and also performed his famous experiment to show … Read More

Be very careful what you click


No, this not about clicking on silly click bait articles. Against everything I know, I decided to quickly make a few changes and clean up the file stores on a vmware cluster. I was thinking maybe an hour or so tops and I can enjoy the rest of my Saturday.

Cleaning up the worlds oceans with the longest floating object in history


An ambitious new project is hoping to help clean the world’s oceans with a trash collector that is reportedly the longest floating structure in recorded world history. Back in 2013 TrueActivist reported that a 19-year-old developed a plan to clean up the world’s oceans in just 5 years, removing 7,250,000 tons of plastic. However, last week, Boyan Slat … Read More

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