Battery Centre needs the Battery University

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Edit: This is by far the most popular post on this blog. unfortunately it has become a bit dated and it seems that the only batteries you can find for sale at the moment are silver-calcium. If you have an older car I suggest that you buy a decent multi stage  battery charger and charge your car battery … Read More

Curse Of Silence

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While browsing through hack a day yesterday I found this Nokia smartphone vulnerability. If you go to the link you will notice that it was the Chaos Computer Club that published the vulnerability. I have written about them before and think they do great work to raise awareness about the risks in computers and other electronics. Some may … Read More

Running those legacy apps

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Yesterday Andrew McGill posted the message below on the Gauteng Linux User Group mailing list. Because he is not blogging I’m doing it for him. What he is describing is one of the biggest frustrations people have with so called new and improved software. Andrew is a very competent sysadmin and if he is battling what is Eric … Read More

Be careful where you put your grubby little paws

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While we are talking about Jacob Zuma and company down here in SA, the Germans are debating the use of biometric data for identification. One of my favourite groups the Chaos Computer Club of Berlin has pretty much proven that using biometric data like fingerprints, retina scans or facial features are not such a good idea by lifting their minister of interior Wolfgang Schäuble’s fingerprints and then showing how easy it is to fool these sytems. more....