Curse Of Silence

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While browsing through hack a day yesterday I found this Nokia smartphone vulnerability.

If you go to the link you will notice that it was the Chaos Computer Club that published the vulnerability. I have written about them before and think they do great work to raise awareness about the risks in computers and other electronics. Some may think that they are irresponsible, but are the large companies that release equipment with these kinds of vulnerabilities not way more irresponsible?

I also have a feeling that our cell phone providers are probably not providing the filters suggested in the article, and even if Nokia does release fixed software for their phones chances are high that most people will be clueless about it and won’t know how to install the fixes.

PS. I love the final question in the CCC FAQ (translated from German):
Q: I don’t realy know the exact question but can you answer it anyway?
A: Tricky. But not impossible. The answer is: 42

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