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Hack a day serves up a fresh hack each day, every day from around the web and a special how-to hack each week. Have fun reading, I certainly do. Hackaday

Constant Innovation and Useless Ducks
Giving WiFi To An Apple Newton
Learn Resin Casting Techniques: Duplicating Plastic Parts
Retrotechtacular: Cut All the Cables in this Speedy Teleco Switch Upgrade
How a Muslim Immigrant from Bangladesh Became America’s Master Builder
This Car Lets You Fistbump to Unlock
VHS-Tape-Plasma Mirror Drives Tiny Particle Accelerator

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NAND Flash Density Surpasses HDDs', But Price Is Still a Sticking Point
Lucas123 writes: With the introduction of 3D or stacked NAND flash memory, non-volatile memory has for the first time surpassed that of hard disk drives in density. This year, Micron revealed it had demonstrated areal densities in its laboratories of up to 2.77 terabits per square inch (Tbpsi) for its 3D NAND. That compares with the densest HDDs of about 1.3Tbpsi. While NAND flash may have surpassed hard drives in density, it doesn't mean the medium has reached price parity with HDDs — nor will it anytime soon. One roadblock to price parity is the cost of revamping existing or building new 3D NAND fabrication plant, which far exceeds that of hard drive manufacturing facilities, according to market research firm Coughlin Associates. HDD makers are also preparing to launch even denser products using technologies such as heat assisted magnetic recording.


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Tectonic is sadly no more. The links below are to its archive of the last posts to Tectonic. more....

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Depleted Cranium

It seems that sadly does not exist anymore. Google is not helping when I try to find out why.


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