More About Batteries

It has been ages since I wrote anything on this blog, mostly due to too much procrastination. In 2009 I wrote Battery Centre needs the Battery University. The amount of hits this post gets is way more than anything else on the blog. Most of us deal with re-chargeable batteries every day so I though I will do my bi-yearly post again on batteries. Continue reading

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WordPress does LaTeX

While I was setting up another wordpress site today, I found out to my great surprise that WordPress can actually do \LaTeX markup by simply installing the jetpack plugin.

For those that don’t know, \LaTeX is a computer typesetting system that really shines for difficult typesetting problems like mathematical formulas and scientific text. For more detail see What are \TeX \LaTeX and friends
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Battery Centre needs the Battery University

About two and a half years ago Battery Centre sold me me a silver calcium battery for my car. According to them silver calcium batteries are the best thing in lead acid battery technology since Gaston Planté made the first one in 1859.

They are probably right and most new cars will be fitted with one and the battery should last 3 to 5 years. If you have an older car things are not that simple. If your older car was fitted with a “hybrid” or plain lead acid battery originally, you will find that a silver calcium battery will probably not give you the life expected from it.

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The internet is a scary place!

If you are an IT professional providing customers with Internet connectivity solutions you know that the internet is a scary place. Back in the dark ages (before 1993) when things started out everyone using the internet trusted each other. Unfortunately things changed drastically and trust is a thing of the past on the internet.

When you set up an internet connection for a customer you do everything you can to protect them, you set up a restrictive firewall, you have a proxy that enforces policy for web surfing as far as possible. You also use all possible means to block spam and viruses in e-mail before they reach the lusers that still believe Bill Gates will give them free Nokia cellphones.

After you did all the technical stuff, you tell everyone (you know it falls on deaf ears, but you have to try) that they must not visit those porn sites, that they must copy links in e-mail and paste them into their browser rather than simply clicking on them etc. So what happens when one of the lusers that actually listened goes to a legitimate website and still have his windows computer exploited? Or if they are lucky the lusers get a warning from their anti-virus software and the site gets blocked.
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Will they ever learn?

The big media companies and their cronies are getting more and more desperate to try save their totally outdated business model. Modern computers make it ridiculously easy and cheap to copy and distribute any media. The media companies are however trying very hard to overcharge people for what they can do very easily themselves. Most people know that it is illegal to make unauthorised copies of copyrighted materials, but if the holders of the copyright charge way too much and chances are that you will not get caught people will simply copy the material illegally.
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